Friday, September 09, 2005

What's This? What's This?

Dear Cathy - Do you think you see stitch holders, those mundane but useful knitting accessories?
Well, my dear, you are deceived. These are clam bag clasps, a gift from my sweet Alexa, the marine biology student who has access to such things. When she was visiting in July she saw a real (overpriced) stitch holder and commented that it looked just like a clam bag clasp, and we started discussing all the "knitting accessories" that you could buy in a hardware store, or a marine supply shop. Small rubber o-rings will definitely work as stitch markers! Let me know what ideas you have.

As for your mystery plant, I'm not sure about the leaves, but the berries are Phytolacca americana, commonly known as pokeweed. In my much younger, mudpie-making days, these berries were highly prized for their color, but my mother repeatedly warned me that they are poisonous, and it turns out she was absolutely right. The young leaves can be boiled and eaten, but they should be boiled twice and the water from the first boiling discarded.

I love your washcloths. About how long do they take to knit? I'm almost to the half-way point in my secret project, and a little break seems in order.

There is good news on the bathroom redo! All of the tile has arrived and as soon as the tiler can spare a day for us we will see progress! I feel like Annie, you know,
The tile will go up tomorrow,
Bet you bottom dollar that tomorrow
There'll be tile!
It's Friday again! Hope you have interesting weekend plans. I plan to knit and weed, and do my reading assignment for the Master Gardener class. It might also be a good idea to look over some Angel's music.


Anonymous said...

Your darling older daughter could use some washcloths, mommy! See, I'm reading your blog!

Cathy said...


I will make you a washcloth :)

from your Mother's friend,