Friday, September 23, 2005

This blog is hoppin'

Welcome Naomi to blogdom!! And a wonderful introduction! Yes, Naomi and I have known each other for some time - 20 years! She has seen my children grow up and they are catching up with her in age!

Naomi has had quite the past year - one that has presented challenges and she has taken them head on - with spunk! Before you know it, you will be not only Master Gardener, but Master of your Garden! Just think of you allowing the weeds to be free spirits at the moment!

ON another note - the state of Georgia has announced that all school close for next Monday and Tuesday because of the gas shortage. I am in amazement because they do not take closing school lightly so this unprecedented. We have closed because of near misses on hurricanes, but not indirectly like this. WOW

Cloths for Katrina will surely become Cloths for Rita also, and I can knit a cloth coming and going to practice.... almost..... I was just shy of being finished.

Ellen, hope the gourmet dinner goes well.... we will need a review of how it went.

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