Thursday, September 29, 2005

Not a "plain" old trip

Ellen and Naomi,
On the way to the workshop on Monday, I spotted a fence of what I thought might be morning glories, but they are not as large as the flower that I know of as the flower. Growing on a fence in front of a trailer, this plant has been there for a while. On my journey back on Tuesday, I stopped by and took this picture. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, so the flowers did not shine like they did the first morning, but pretty all the same – it covered the entired length of the fence and the flowers were pink, purple and white? Any clue to the name???

The four day workshop was very good – long, but good, and memorable in the fact that we were in this town:

Now, dear friends, Plains is a small town, very small and with the exception of a few stores that have antiques, Carter memorabilia, and a few eating establishments (no chains – all local restaurant/cafes), one is limited into what one can do. However, the Plains Inn is the charm in this small town. The name in itself is quite ordinary for an extraordinary place. Created from a renovated old warehouse, this inn is a bed and breakfast with each room decorated in a decades theme from the 1920s to the 80s. Each room has a distinct personality and relics from that particular decade. The 1950s room has the following:
All rooms were decorated by former first lady Rosalyn Carter and the renovations of the warehouse were done by Jimmy Carter along with some inmates. Each room had a notebook where guests could sign and tell a little about their stay and themselves. Truly a delight to read the stories of people visiting this little community.

Knitting did take place in the form of dishcloths for Katrina, along with a little sock work. However, I still don't have something right on the back of the sock, and it won't take much to rectify it. Unfortunately the knitter didn't get it right, because she thought there MUST be an error in the directions. Looking at a similar sock pattern, the first one must have been correct, so a little tinking never hurt anyone.

Naomi, I remember seeing the Cereus last year. It must be happy on your porch.
I have more pictures and more stories, but I am tired and will post more later.

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