Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Irresistable Quiz

Dear Cathy and Naomi - According to this quiz I am Shetland Wool, "tough as nails and prone to intracacies." My daughter concurs, but only if "intracacies" means "quirkiness."

Here are the knitted surprises! Red socks, for the Red Sox fans of the family. I finished them in time for the playoffs, but right now it looks like the Red Sox will finish their season before the playoffs. I really enjoyed knitting the pair on the right. They are Knit Pick's Sock Garden in Geranium, and I used #1 dpns in a basic top-down pattern. The wool is a pleasure to knit. The dark red socks are Knit Picks Essential sock yarn, which struck me as adequate but not exciting.

Here is a glimpse of the no-longer-pink bathroom. I got it painted last week (in time to show off the tile and paint to our company) and the plumber is installing fixtures as I type. Maybe tomorrow there will be a picture of a claw-footed tub.

Naomi, I loved reading about your garden. Please get some pictures, especially of the night-blooming cereus. My Muhly grass is just starting to bloom, and the dark-blue plumbago is covered with blooms. The cuphea is getting ready to bloom for the second time this season, and the tibouchina (pictured above) continues to be just about the prettiest thing I've ever seen. Both the leaves and flowers are covered with silky hairs that reflect the light.

Did either of you see the first half of No Direction Home, the show about Bob Dylan, last night? It made me so nostalgic, and also made me think that the current celebrity-obsessed culture has damaged popular music. There doesn't seem to be lot of interesting music now, in the way that Dylan was interesting and relevant. The show continues tonight, and it will be available on DVD.

I went back to the second Twisted Rib sock, and added a few more rows to the shawl. Second-sock guilt is stronger than second-sock syndrome; unfinished projects feel like failures to me.

Let me know what kind of wool you are.


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Anonymous said...

Quirky indeed!
Thank you for the washcloths, mom and Cathy! They seem to work well so far.