Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Book Book Book 2 is here here here

Dear Ellen,
It's here .... still warm from the press. I opened my mailbox and the box had arrived and voila - Yarn Harlot : The Secret Life of a Knitter had arrived. I find it oxymoronic that the title has "Secret Life" since the Harlot lives far from a secret life since she posts her most intimate moments (no, not that kind) for all the world to read. Now, I know, dear Ellen, that you, like me, keeps up with the Harlot and her escapades (and I do call them escapades for a reason). She might be Lucille Ball and Erma Bombeck rolled up into one character with the pointy things thrown in. She just has one major flaw: she has yet traveled for book signings far enough south for us to even CONSIDER making a trip to join in the groupies that she has.
Now, I am well aware that you had some near misses, and almost got to see her in Virginia and California, but this home girl has to have it a wee bit closer for me. Stephanie - if you have a book signing in Atlanta, Ellen and I will cut you a deal. We will sing AND knit at the same time for an EXTREME KNITTING entry. How's that for luring you down south??
Ok, with that out of the way, I have to do some reasoning with myself. I will NOT read the book in a day, nor a week. Her meditations were to be read over a period of time, but do you think I had an ounce of discipline in me? NOPE! Read right through it like the 2nd coming was going to be tomorrow. This time I want to take a week little extra time to savor the stories. However, I still get my fix of the stories on her blog so it's the best of two worlds.
Update on Katrina Cloths: I have 8 and the above wad of knitted washcloth is a new pattern I created - it's a combination of Granny's favorite (the garter stitch one) and Darrell Waltrip's washcloth. I don't know who Darrell Waltrip is, but it sounds more NASCARish than a knitting junkie. Notice the pattern has not been divulged for public viewing. We are having a Knit in Public Knit-in at our Courtyard Cafe next Tuesday, September 20 at 6:00. Come on up!
Tiles and your renovation project.......
Dear Ellen,
Just from the sheer fact that you will have company on Sept. 24 is a sure fire way for your retro bathroom to be in such a state that you might need a portapotty in your yard, next to the spider condos.


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