Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Three projects done, how many to go? Unlike Stephanie, I can't bring myself to take pictures of the works in progress. I am pleased as can be, though , to have finished the fraternal socks, red scarf project scarf, and Mission Falls cotton lap blanket (or back-of-the-sofa blanket.) The socks were supposed to have Elizabeth Zimmerman's replaceable sole, but after three tries I gave up. The sole was either too loose or too tight. Also, the repeat in repeat in the Opal Hundertwasser yarn is very long, so the socks are decidely fraternal.
The scarf is ggh merino in a k2p2 rib and somewhat random stripes. I wanted a not-too-girly scarf. Doesn't it flatter the Little Kittle?
Mission Falls cotton is my new favorite yarn! Who would have thought a cotton yarn could be so tactile? And the colors are sophisticated and homey at the same time. The colors in the picture are a little muted because it was getting twilight-ish (but still 95 degrees!) when I took the picture. On a recent visit to the Guggenheim in NYC I saw several Kandinsky's that seemed to have the Mission Falls palette. I have plans for a Mission Falls Christmas present, but need to finish a few more works in progress. Last nught I totally frigged up a short-row heel on the second of a pair of Step socks, so tonight I'll try again. For some reason, the heel of the first sock nearly always works on the first try, but I have made some second heels as many as three times!

Just wondering, is "finish-itis" a beneficial computer virus? I think I caught it from Ann.

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