Friday, July 06, 2012

Failed Experiment

As you can see from the last post blogging from the iPad is not quite ready for Broadway. It might be better than communicating by crop circles but only a little. Anyway here are the pictures and links that should have been in the last post:
Here is a link for making these blankets.
This was the original city quilt. I will use the same pattern but add fabric paint to the "windows".
You can see the "fronds" in this picture along with the beads.

So Sew

The new sewing machine has inspired lots of quilting and related projects. On July 4 I finished a baby blanket with Jetsons-style trees. It gave me a chance to try out more stitches for sewing the layers together and attaching the binding.
The bright squares on the gray background are going to be another city quilt, but I think I'll add some fabric paint to this one.
Last night we watched "Another Year" and I began applying beads to my first "art" quilt. The beading isn't as tedious as I anticipated; it should only take another 3 or 4 sessions to finish. The movie began slow but got better but in a lot of ways it is too realistic to be entertaining.