Friday, September 23, 2005

The Garden Curmudgeon Steps Out

Welcome, Naomi, it's great to have a gardening expert on board. Since we are expanding the role of gardening in our little commentaries, let me reveal my alter-ego: the Garden Curmudgeon! My biggest complaint about garden writing is that much of it is just so chirpy! Serious gardeners know that real gardening is full of hard work and disappointment, a regular Pilgrim's Progress complete with a Slough of Despondency. As the Garden Curmudgeon, I will attempt to share some of the many trials of gardening, and some of the few, bright satisfactions.

On the knitting front, the surprise project has been completed and mailed. It should reach its destination by Monday so a picture will be forthcoming on Tuesday. Now I can get back to some unfinished projects--the single twisted rib sock waiting for a partner, the silk and cashmere shawl--or I can just start some new socks with the beautiful Sockotta yarn that Cathy gave me last night. No, I must be strong and clear out some of the backlog!

Cathy, I hope you and Naomi have a great weekend. I doubt I'll get to much gardening or knitting; the dinner party looms, and I have neither cleaned nor cooked. Instead of dusting I think I'll set out candles and turn off the lights.


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