Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Wallpaper and a Trip Outa' Town

Here they are--the boring 18 year old striped wallpaper in the front hall and the new, outre undulating fern wallpaper. It is amazing that my husband and I had no trouble agreeing on this pattern, even though I had brought 4 books home to choose from. I haven't rehung the pictures, and I don't know whether to give such a prominent place to the 14 year old portrait of the kids. Any thoughts?

The other pictures were taken in St. Augustine this weekend. DH and I went over to see his brother who was there for a few days, and also to hang out in our favorite place in Florida. We've been there so often there is nothing new to see; we just have to decide what to see again. We did sample a new restaurant for breakfast (it was great!) and went back to the lighthouse. The picture is looking out over Anastasia Island to the Atlantic from the top of the lighthouse. You can see that things are still very green for November.

I had lots of knitting time in the car and made progress on the second sock and the Silken Straw scarf. Next week we are going to New Orleans for a few days (he has a conference) and there is always good car knitting on that trip. It would be nice to finish up the WIPs and plunge into the queue.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So Long Gone

I have excuses, really! There were home improvement projects that rudely elbowed their way into my "leisure time," Christmas knitting projects that can't be pictured or even described, and then there was the work project from hell that consumed most of October. It's true--I worked 285 hours last month!

In the last week I've been trying to get rested and organized. Yesterday I even completed a stash inventory! What I discovered:
-every completed project results in 1 or 2 extra skeins
-combining these with purchases of single skeins, I could make scarves and hats for several years without buying more yarn
-there is also enough sock yarn to last a long time, since I don't plan my own summer of socks!
-I over-estimated my enthusiasm for felting
-the Crayon box cardigan I began last year might as well sleep with the frogs because I can hardly stand the thought of all those miters.

Along with the inventory, I also made a list of WIPs and FOs, and set up the queue.

WIPs, and progress on each one: Christmas sweater for DD1 (1/2), Step socks for daughter of friend (1/2), Alchemy silken Straw scarf (3/4), mohair/novelty diagonal stripe scarf (3/4), Elven Cloak (Spiral Nebula shawl in Mister Joe Blanket. I'm using a moss green that doesn't seem to be available now from elann), and final adjustments on the Hanne Falkenberg-esque tank top.

Gotta flit for now; hope to be back soon with pictures, FO's and the queue.