Sunday, September 18, 2005

Transformation and Fall Questionnaire

Dear Ellen,
A transformation has occurred. I would have been able to identify the prior color of your bathroom a mile away. The new colors of the bathroom are more soothing and as for the color of the walls, I am a chicken. My sense of color is not the greatest so I tend to stay bland and not take risks. I know what looks good, but I can't always put it together to make it look good myself.

Just Fruits and Exotics. I love that place and have been there on several occasions. We must see your front entry way of the new agave plants.

I continue to plug away at Cloths for Katrina. I did take a brief reprieve last night and cast on for a sock, and actually knitted 2-3 rows and realized I had twisted it - and so had to rip the confounded thing out. So far socks have eluded me, but I SHALL OVERCOME.....

Holes.... you know it is interesting you have to pay for something and they make you dig a hole - something is wrong with that picture. But since you were digging SOIL, I guess it makes it worth it :)

Well the world of blogdom has a questionnaire floating around so I will post it on here. It's a fall themed one so thought it would be interesting for us to share how we see the world as the autumnal equinox soon passes by.

Favorite fall dessert: My grandmother’s apple cake – email me and I will send you the recipe. Lots of pecans since we are in the heart of pecan country.

Favorite fall holiday: Thanksgiving. Turkey, cornbread dressing, broccoli casserole, apple pie. And, at night, a turkey sandwich on WHITE bread and a coca-cola – no diet coke tonight! Not to mention the required nap in the afternoon.

Best fall memory: There is something about the angle of the sun in the fall that I love. I can see the change in September. Excitement is in the air with football, homecoming parades, and anticipated holidays.

Worst fall memory: Probably when I went home from school after the assasination of JFK and saw the maid ironing and crying in front of the tv.

Most puzzling fall memory: My memory fails me on this one.

Best thing about fall walks: Fall doesn’t last long here, but there is something about kicking up the leaves and hearing the crunch they give when the weather cooperates. The summer humidity leaves (sort of) and allows the drier weather that we get with the cool/ occasional cold fronts come through our way.

Favorite fall chore: Taking logs into the fireplace

Least favorite fall chore: Laundry - and that is for every season

Best change in the home: The first fire of the season, even when we truly do not need it.

Favorite flower: Mums in the fall come to mind

Best tree in the fall: Sweetgums have pretty leaves in the fall. On the downtown square there is a gingko tree that sometime in November has the most beautiful yellow leaves on the tree. Then they all fall at once and there is a yellow blanket underneath the tree, waiting for a child to sit on them to get a fall picture.

Fall ritual: Almost fall - our church grape stomp

Most frustrating thing about fall: The anticipated very short days of winter and the winter funk sets in.

Favorite childhood game: Loved jumping in the leaves

Favorite childhood memory: I remember my dad getting all of the kids to rake the yard and he would give away prizes (method to that madness).

Favorite decorations: Indian corn

Favorite clothing: Doesn’t change much here from summer, but I have a couple of sweaters I do like, and I love my flannel gown.

Best scenery: The hills between here and Tallahassee

Best fall travel tip: Do I travel in the fall? Hmmmm, teaching seems to get a little in the way of that, but I do remember a great cruise my mom and I went on two years ago. I did notice that my photos had a different look in the fall in the same tropical place because of the sun’s location. I do enjoy the beach in the fall and winter better than the summer.

Favorite drink: Again, I have had REAL cider before and it is wonderful. The best we can get is hot apple cider.

Traditional fall candy: Somehow I do love Candy corn

Another blogger remembered Kraft Fudgies – Hadn’t see them in a long time, but do remember them. I loved the texture and flavor. Wonder if Vermont Country Store can get them???

Favorite Sound: I do enjoy the sound of the band in the night air at the football game. I always do get a head start on Christmas CD choral music starting in November. I love singing them when no one is around.

Fall song/hymn: We Gather together to ask the Lord’s Blessing

Reliable prediction: I will wonder why I ate so much for Thanksgiving. I will eat the turkey sandwich on Thanksgiving evening. Also the whole family will come to our house to eat.

Best fall television show: Hmmmmm…. Someone give me a hint.


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