Saturday, September 24, 2005

Epicurean Delights

Well, as I type this, Ellen and her husband are in the midst of an epicurean feast. In Ellen's posting several days ago, she presented the menu for this evening. I went a-huntin' for a picture of one of those recipes and I could find SOME of the recipes, but not all, and NO pictures. I think it only fair that we get a picture of at least ONE of the meals. We can live vicariously through the blog.

I need to finish the baby afghan - I don't think I will knit something with an edge to attach to the body again. It's beginning to loom over my head and becoming a monkey on my back.

Two more Cloths for hurricane relief - don't think we can call is Katrina again. Here is a good site to check out for stories by individuals of the storm.


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