Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dearest Ellen,

KIP - that's what you were doing on Thursday night. I get to rehearsal and you had your needles and yarn out moving right along in front of everyone. And I didn't have my camera.....sigh..... opportunity missed. I could have blown a secret. But alas I will not since I DO KNOW NOW that your offspring DO read this blog! Poor Mellie needs a washcloth so will not deprive of that luxury of a hand knitted one. If you will notice the washcloth on the left, it is an interesting pattern called the Darrell Waltrip knitted cloth. True to its promise, it shows off variegated cotton yarn nicely. By the way, I listened to Stabat Mater by Pergolesi while knitting the one on the left.
I timed myself making the cloth on the right. I can do it in less than 90 minutes, but if I want to ENJOY knitting I can knit it in less than 2 hours. Basically a trip to Tallahassee and back would almost allow me to finish one. The one on the left takes a little longer since it is a tighter knit cloth, but visually more interesting.
Our shawl ministry meeting met yesterday and some of us are setting a goal of knitting 50 cloths to send off for Cloths for Katrina.
I am amazed at how the clam claw pins look so much like stitch holders. I did get a sneak peak at those skeechers and though they may LOOK like them, they do not FEEL like them. Much heavier and tighter than the ones made for knitting.
Pokeweed was indeed the plant in the picture from a previous posting. That plants is BIG and ominous looking. Speaking of plants, have you noticed the beauty berry out in bloom in full force? I know the birds love the magenta berries and soon we will see the in result on our windshields :)
I think it only fair to allow us to see the progress on the 21st century bathroom, replacing the "pank" one. In return, when we get ready to redo our 70s bathroom, which is in dire need of upgrading, I will return the favor. If we wait long enough, we won't have to remove the wallpaper, it will do it on its own......


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