Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Projects Off the Needles

I missed the Clapotis virus in its most virulent stage, but I saw one in person a few months ago and decided to risk infection. This scarf, in my favorite mercerized cotton, is now very long and is approaching bind-off. It will be a muffler for the hot and humid zone.

I love my new blocking boards, but got carried away with the actual blocking.

After I took the picture I decided this Trellis sweater had been over-blocked, so I wet it and dried it, gently, in the dryer.It is superwash wool (Cascade 220) after all. It looks much softer and smaller now, which is good because it's supposed to be 12 month sized, and is a present for a newborn!

Don't you love the buttons? I've been looking for the right use for these.
The socks from the last post are finished, and the Brittany birch needles I used for the cuffs did not catch fire, even though they aren't non-inflammable. It feels good to finish up some projects, but I have a lot of knitting time because I'm staying home with Mom every afternoon. Her disease is progressing as we knew it would, but I miss her already.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Small Pleasures

If you look carefully at the needle that's not in the sock, you'll see that it is "non-inflammable." I had never worried about my needles catching fire, not being the world's fastest knitter, but I guess somebody thought it was a matter of concern. I found these needles in my mom's cedar chest, and I know she did not knit on double points in my lifetime so they are at least 57 years old! They say "Boye" 1 U.S.A. and are 7" long. The socks are Austermann Step in my muscle memory sock pattern: figure 8 cast on, kf&b toe increases, Priscilla's Dream Sock short row heal, 2x2 rib for the entire cuff but switching to 1.5 needles about 2 inches up the ribbed section, and stretchy sewn bind-off. I'm making them for my DS who just moved to Colorado, and yes, he has long, skinny feet.

My sock making has been almost entirely this pattern, or "perfecting" this pattern. It is just a basic guy sock, but I never get tired of that short-row heel. It is always an exercise in mindfulness, and I usually end up redoing the heel on the second sock at least one time. Usually the first sock goes well and I think I have finally mastered the heel, and then make a total hash of the second one.

This is going to be a present for my DD's friend's baby. It is Trellis from the Spring 2005 Knitty in Cascade 220 Superwash. The cables are endlessly entertaining, and being a baby sweater the pieces are done before they become tiresome.

I had a serious setback on a cardigan I'm making for myself (something about non-matching fronts and a failure to notice until I set in the sleeves...) so it will be in knitting limbo while I consider just how badly I want this particular item.

I hope you like the new look. The title picture was taken in Copenhagen where hollyhocks grow out of cracks in the sidewalk.