Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shame me

Shame me - last weekend you were being productive, taking all those weeds out of your garden while mine is in a state of total chaos. It's been taken over by weeds in such a way that it's close to being condemned. Ultimatum(s) (what IS the plural of ultimatum? - hmmm online dictionary states you can add an "s" or make it ultimata) have been delivered to get those weeds out before next spring. I know what your project can be for your master gardening! However, I do have a picture of a WEED, which Naomi, my personal master gardener has identified. Now you, too, have that opportunity:

It's about 7-8 feet tall and stands as though it was properly planted by the owner of the house. However, Naomi says more than likely a bird shared it with us. Do you know what it is?
I have been in dishcloth/washcloth mode for a Cloths for Katrina project. So far I have knitted up three of these cloths to send on to be shared with the evacuees. Here are the fruits of my labor:

Yarn Harlot : The Secret Life of a Knitter has been on order from Amazon, waiting for it to come hot off the press. The last request I had for a book was The Hornet's Nest : A Novel of the Revolutionary War by Jimmy Carter. I waited ever so patiently for that book, but it never seemed to register to the children that I really WANTED that book. Of course, there was this tiny little detail that seemed to keep them from fulfilling my request. I wanted the autograph. Not even eBay could seem to lure them to purchasing the book the newfangled way.

One of my finished objects is making its way over the Great Pond and will be claiming Irish soil as its new home. Branching out scarf , my first lace project, will travel to Kate's new home. Kate and her husband and daughter, will be moving to Sligo, Ireland to place new roots. Her husband, a very serious birder who is very well respected amongst the best of ornithologists, calls Ireland his home. She promises to send a picture of her with the scarf on in their new home. However, its meager beginnings is shown here blocked on the bed:

I am getting itchy to start on more lace knitting. Must have a bit of masochism in me. However, I can't help it. I love the challenge and the end result. Those size 6 needles are naked for the moment. Maybe some yarn needs to wrap itself and make some lace.
Methinks that you are knitting something for October - with double points.
See you Thursday to make a joyful noise.
Knittingly yours,

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