Monday, September 26, 2005

Lost in Space

As soon as I master not losing my blog I will learn to attach pictures. Yes I wrote a blob last night in my usual rambling style and then began editing to tighten it up. I am still looking for it.

My Salvia 'Andrew' is flourishing right now and the hummingbirds are really enjoying the red blooms on the 4 feet tall plants. It was a passalong from a friend whose son developed it while he was studying horticulture in Texas. In a sheltered southern corner it has survived the winter here and played host to Rufous hummingbirds in mid-December. My Beautyberry, Callicarpa, is sparkling with purple berries but they aren't as pretty when the birds deposit them on my car. I have been parking the car right by the door for convenience forgetting that the cable wire is overhead. Twyla, the Night-blooming Cereus has another bud. The third time to bloom this year.

The second member of my household is Priscilla, my husband's cat, who is commonly called Miss Priss or the Princess. Yesterday afternoon she visited her Aunt Beth and family to get acquainted with the three dogs. She will be staying with them next month while I enjoy a short stay in the hospital.

Three washcloths have now been knitted and a fourth started. The grey shawl is beginning to show some progress. Still do not know how I casted(or is it cast?) on 70 stitches when I only needed 62.

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