Friday, September 16, 2005

Signs of Progress

Dear Cathy - We have tile! The wall above the tile will be painted; if you have a suggestion for a color please weigh in. I may have to knit something in honor of the tile, like some washcolths. By the way, this tile project was only possible because of all the help I got from Kristi at Carpet Studio in Tallahassee. If any of our readers need tile or other flooring in the region, please check it out.

I'm still knitting on the surprise project. The little setback I told you about yesterday took only until midnight last night to correct. I hope to charge forward this weekend and have something to mail out before this time next week.

Did you ever see the movie Holes? It is about a reform school where the "discipline" consists of forcing the boys to dig holes in the desert. Well, my Master Gardener class had its own holes episode yesterday. The topic of the day was soil, and after hearing a lecture about soil we got some practical experience with it. Each team of about 8 people was assigned a place to dig a 2'x3'x3' hole. We observed how the soil changes as you dig deeper, and how the activity on the surface affects the soil underneath. We learned that for digging a hole 3' deep you should use a post hole digger (or maybe a pick) instead of a shovel! We also learned that soil is what you dig in the garden, while dirt is what you track in the house.

I really want to read Book book book 2, but I'll try to put it off until Christmas. It would be the perfect Christmas stocking item, along with a few sets of dpns. Have I told you that Gary and I are going to New York City between Christmas and New Years? We will visit Camille and Alexa (and a yarnshop or 2) plus do some sightseeing. I haven't been to NYC since 1989 when I was there for work. On that trip I ate breakfast at the top of the World Trade Center.

Sometime this weekend I will go to Just Fruits and Exotics in Wakulla County. It is a wonderful plant nursery, and I want a couple of agaves for the entryway garden. This is part of the dinner party preparation, so that even if the new bathroom isn't finished the walk to the front door will be looking good.

Have a good weekend.


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