Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Sock - Walk in the Woods

Merry Christmas to all -

It's been a while since posting has occured and it looks as though Ellen started with a bang with all of her completed projects! All I can say is wow! Right now I am working on a 2nd sock - plain old pattern, but tried and true with some Seacoast merino wool "A Walk in the Woods"

I took several pictures of the sock and none captured the true colors of this sock, but this is as close as I can get today without boogering up the colors any more. The wool is not as boingy as Socks the Rock or Koigu, and on occasion, it has split. but all in all it's a pleasant wool to knit. I always feel like singing 2nd verse, same as the 1st while working on the second sock.

Ellen, I think the sweater demands a fashion show of some sort!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Secrets Revealed!

Dear Knitheads - So sorry for the delay; I was working on Christmas presents and got ambushed by the season. The felted purses were presents for DDs. they seemed happy to get them. The cardigan is for me--Whispers mohair blend made using a Colinette pattern. The red scarf is for the Red Scarf Project, which seems like a very worthy endeavor. I used Caron's Simply Soft Shadows in Autumn and can't say enough about how nice it is to work with. The Pattern is Edgar from Knitty, and it's a riff on the Mason-dixon miter square. It takes no time to make, and one skein makes a 60" scarf.

The lemons (yes they are) are the entire first-year crop from a tree I planted last spring. It is in a large pot on casters which I put in the shed during last month's freeze. Now that the harvest is over I don't have to worry so much about the weather.

As 2007 approaches I have signed on (in my own mind, of course) to Wendy's Knit from your Stash plan. I would like to complete at least 2 major projects from stash by the September end date, plus assorted small projects and socks. Other knitting-related resolutions are finishing up pending projects and working on a tighter, more even stockinette stitch. This weekend I'll take some time to think of non-knitting resolutions.

One of the bset Christmas presents this year was Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top. I can see a couple of applications for stash yarn, inspired by the pullover described in Mason Dixon this summer.

I hope we can get this blog thing going again. I miss hearing from you and seeing projects. It can be a resolution!