Friday, September 23, 2005

New Girl on the Block

This is my maiden voyage into blogland. Little biographical information: I became a widow April 28th of this year and am still adjusting to the new status after 50 years of marriage. My family consists of four adult children, two in-laws and a significant other, eight grandchildren and some of them are now adults plus one great grandchild. Quite an accomplishment for someone 39 years old! My last gainful employment was as a librarian at Bainbridge College. I enjoy a variety of crafts and have ambitions to become an artist. In 2003 I realized a longterm ambition and completed the Master Gardener program. Unfortunately a spinal cord injury last year has hampered my gardening efforts and my major crop right now is weeds but they are prize winning weeds. I have completed three knitted washcloths toward our goal of 50 for the washcloths for Katrina victims. Knitting is my second language, crocheting was my first. My grandmother taught me to crochet before I was old enough to go to school. I taught myself to knit after my fourth child in six years was born. Sitting down to knit was a chance to catch my breath and not appear lazy. Obviously I did not have the best teacher but I continue to learn. Articles on gardening for the local newspaper count as volunteer hours needed to maintain status as an active Master Gardener. One thing I have learned is that it is harder to write about gardening when you are not actively gardening. Incidentally, I am expected to fully recover from the injury and I am looking forward to actively digging in the dirt again soon. Unlike Cathy and Ellen who have beautiful voices, singing is not me-my husband described my singing as one note, flat and off key. I have mentioned knitting so have been on topic briefly but wanted to introduce myself. Cathy has known me for 20 years so she knows even more about me.

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