Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stormy Weather

Cathy - Have you been able to tear yourself away from news about Hurricane Katrina on the television/internet? I have a morbid obsession with weather disasters, and seeing places I know in such dire circumstances has consumed my life since Sunday. I just hope that the rebuilding process shows more respect for the risks inherent in living on the coast or below sea level, but that hope contradicts everything I know about human nature.

I have gotten some knitting done while watching the flood waters rise. The first twisted rib sock is complete. I'm not starting the second one right away, but it is not a case of second sock syndrome. I have another project with a shorter deadline, but I can't blog about it, or the surprise will be ruined.

Do you know the fairy tale of the seven swans? There are seven brothers (probably princes) who are turned into swans by an evil witch, and to undo the spell their sister must gather stinging nettles (the plants, not the sea creatures), spin them into yarn, and then knit the yarn into seven cloaks. There is a deadline, but I don't remember how long she has. Also, she can't speak or wash until the cloaks are all made. Anyway, she makes all the cloaks except the last one and it is only partially done when the deadline comes. The swans fly to her and she throws the cloaks over them and they turn back into men, but the youngest gets the unfinished cloak, so he has a wing instead of an arm.

I always loved that story, even before I took up knitting. I always wondered if the brothers really appreciated their sister's efforts. Around Halloween when my kids were little I often felt like the sister, because I always made them costumes that were usually finished about 5 pm on Halloween.

Do you have a favorite knitting-themed story? I loved your knitting-to-music comments; I should give it a try. Most often I knit to television, but occasionally books on tape.


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