Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back to the (Empty) Nest

Cathy - I'm home, I'm beat, and I'm ready for life to get back to normal, even if the nest is empty. The trip went smoothly with Gary doing all the driving. There were no encounters with the Florida Highway Patrol, although they were out in force.

On Monday I worked exclusively on the sock and made it as far as turning the heel. I was afraid to try picking up stitches at 70 mph, so I switched to the shawl, and finished another repeat plus some more. The shawl yarn (Cashmere Silk by Jade Sapphire, in Hydrangea) appeals to me more every time I knit it. It has subtle variations in color and thickness and is so soft and glossy. It is considerably larger now than in the picture.

Back to the sock. It is much slower-going than my previous sock ventures because it is worked in a twisted rib instead of plain stockinette. I sense a real danger of second sock syndrome.

I hope your baby blanket is destined for a very appreciative new mother, since it is too much to hope that any baby will be appreciative. I bought the new Vogue Knitting and it has several patterns with attached borders. It also has a fabulous jacket/shrug in beautiful colors that I may reward myself with if I get all these socks knit for their intended recipients.

I would love to meet Naomi, not only for her gardening interests but because I, too, have a wine cork stash. I actually used lots of the to make trivets, which my husband doesn't want me to give away because they show what low-rent wine we drink. After the trivet-making phase I set aside the leftovers, and they are still in my catch-all craft closet, but I haven't added new ones for a while.

Don't let the weather get you down. When we're in the dregs of August I remind myself that I'm lucky to work and live in air conditioned places, and that nobody expects me to wear a corset!


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