Friday, August 19, 2005

Garden Advice

Dear Cathy -

It may be that a preference for garden monoculture is a guy thing, or a golfer thing, but I have a suggestion that may help. You should arrange more visits to public gardens, and you can point out (tactfully, of course) how nice the combinations of plants and flowers look. The pictures are from garden visits that Gary and I made on our recent trip to California. I told him before we went that my goal for the trip (besides the wedding we went there to attend) was to visit 4 gardens and a yarn shop, and he was quite cheerful about the gardens and tolerant of the yarn shop. The gardens were:

1. San Juan Capistrano Mission

2. Balboa Park in San Diego

3. Sherman Gardens in Corona del Mar

4. Huntington Library ( which is a library, garden and art museum)

My own garden is looking a little ragged, but my next-door neighbors have cleared out the brush and vines (part of their major house and garden renovation) and I am so excited about the prospect of more sun and fewer invading creepers! After our trip to Miami next week I should be at home for several weekends and hope to make some gardening progress. I hope we don't have to bring current pictures of our own gardens to the Master Gardener class!

Last night I started a pair of socks for Camille. The yarn (Dancing) and pattern (Twisted Socks) are both from Knit Picks. After working on the shawl for a while the socks seem to go so quickly! I also tried knitting a swatch of the Zephyr on larger needles for the pullover I showed you, but it won't do. I need to find a heavier yarn for the pullover and use the Zephyr for a shawl, or several pairs of the finest socks ever.

Please let me know when you schedule your audition; maybe we can get together for iced tea and show and share. I think my audition went well. I'm glad it gave me a reason to start singing before rehearsals begin.


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