Saturday, August 20, 2005

Button button who has the button?

My coworker came in the other day and asked what you could do with buttons and did we need any. So I asked her what she had - and she had a bag full of what you can see on your left - hundreds if not thousands of buttons. Some are blouse buttons that are seen on men and women's shirts and blouses. Others are novelty type buttons, but but there are not as many of those. And my coworker didn't need them and so she gave them to moi. I promised to make something "buttony" for Christmas for both of them, so I need to be thinking of what I can knit and incorporate it with the buttons I have. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
It is best not to mention this in front of my husband, who gets worried about this sort of thing. I call it a treasure, he is not as embracing of the term with collections of items that can be used in the future. I PROMISE to use some of it for school projects also (now I am bargaining with myself on this and justifying why I need this many buttons).
I have arranged my audition time to sing for our upcoming year with Voces Angelorum. I am singing a hymn tune and then a Handel Selection - a simple tune that I have sung in college. It is clearing the cobwebs out of the throat to get ready to sing for our next season. My audition time is 8:00 next Thursday.

On the knitting front, I finished part one of the baby blanket. The next section is the knitted border and it looks as though it will go on and on and on. I started with a fresh skein of yarn in hopes I will not have to start a new skein in the middle. This was completed with size 7 needles and it approximately 36 inches in length, give or take a few inches.

Lastly, purple double daturas are blooming in the garden bed of my neigbor's yard, that borders our property. I have been eyeing those blooms the last couple of morning as I leave for work. Today it required a photo op - just crying for a picture to be taken.
Last but not least, my trip to Walmart included a pickup of a storage container for a friend. One would think that if the top of the container is JUST ABOVE the container itself, that they would go together....well NOPE, and what do I do - the Klondike bars were in my buggy and all I could think about is...I need to get home...these things are going to melt (my husband loves them - No sugar added) - so in my haste, I grab the top that isn't the top and away we go... you would think I would learn... this is the second time I have done this... and I can't find the receipt...
On the pointy things. . . border for a baby blanket, plus numerous and various other projects in different stages of completion.

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Naomi C said...

Cathy, what a treasure-buttons, buttons. What about knitting pillow tops incorporating buttons.
cheers. naomi