Monday, August 22, 2005

Driving' down the highway....

Dear Ellen,

Drivin' down the highway..... you, not me - I can picture it now - two 50 something year olds with all the guitars, amps and cords in the car, with you knitting socks - be careful to not get stopped - the FHP will surely have a story to tell.
I don't need to tell you how stinkin' hot it is. As I type this, I am hearing a funny noice and look outside and it is the beginning of a summer rain storm. Ahhhhh... a relief to the heat, until I remember what happens - - the humidity just adds to the heat's fire - and cutting the air with a knife brings on a whole level of meaning.Please pause for a brief interruption in this posting....
Whew...that was close... that rainstorm got feisty - I had to show you - it came into my backyard like a wild Banshee - the dogs went wild - the cameral pulled out to show how the still air we have had has not started into motion (note the dogwood on the left). Not to mention the dog in my lap that is shaking like the leaves on the tree.

Now if we are going to play with pointy things, which could have something to do with gardening or knitting and we could stretch that with singing (baton), and I can't figure out the reading connection with "pointy things", I must get to the subject at hand. I am knitting a border for the baby blanket and here it is started:

Please note that it is about 18 inches long and I have about 8 1/2 feet more to go - yes FEET. It begins with a cast on of 11, increases to 17 for 3 rows and back down to 11. By the time I get about half of it done, I can probably do it in my sleep.

I would be remiss if I did not address the gallon containers, PVC piping, and 2X2s that you have. Not we, and I use that term broadly are in a quandary. If we keep this stuff, , we border on being hoarders. If we throw away, we are wasteful. Now..... Naomi, who is my master gardener friend, knows how to keep "valuable" things for long enough that they become vintage, if not valuable, "stuff" - in fact if I need something, I can count on her to have it 9 out of 10 times. She may or may not remember, but I borrowed some wine corks that she had some time ago - because I had a wine bottle I needed a cork for for a bazaar item (no wine in it - but bird seed). I didn't know what size, but lo and behold, Noami had a collection of those corks in an onion bag. She was kind enough to let me borrow those corks to test until I found the right one. Naomi (I write to her because I know she is reading this and I will really know she has read this when she leaves us a comment on here), I still have those corks. And I KNOW there are folks out there that would have thrown them away, but being the kindred spirit that we are, I understand about not throwing away such items - one never knows when you need it! Ellen, you must meet Naomi, you two can share Master Gardening stories!

Surely when you return, there will be a story to tell - no woman who heads down to south Florida with socks in progress and guitars and amps in the back seat of a car can come back without a yarn to spin.

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Anonymous said...

Cathy, you may keep the corks. I have all I need. Seems I had started anothet collection at some time and they surfaced. Yes, I am a collector but I was raised by parents and a grandmother who had survived the Great Depression and we did not throw anything away. Old habits die hard and I assure you that if I discard something I will need or want it the next week.
Safe trip to Miami and back, Ellen.
Naomi C