Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A little of this and that

Dear Ellen,
I will post to you first - since you emailed me and made the suggestion of the name of this blog, I went ahead and decided to plunge into this blog with this:

This is the finished project that you shared with me through email - if I understand your story correctly, that when you had almost finished, you took it out almost completely before starting again - do you ever question your sanity when you do something like that? I am actually envious of the finished object, the fact that it is finished and that it can be worn now.
Ellen and I actually do more than "play with pointy things" aka knitting - we have been known to sing a note or two on Thursday evenings with our women's group Voces Angelorum - or Voices of Angels. And I have even seen Ellen snitch a stitch or two on Thursday evenings during a lull in the action (gosh does that ever happen? not if Charlie has anything to do with it!).
In addition, there is the common yarn thread of reading and gardening that we enjoy, though you would never know it by looking at my garden right now.
I also know that Ellen is in the process of renovating part of her house - I am sure there are stories to tell since it was a one of a kind bathroom that at one look, if you are old enough, will know what decade it was built.

Ellen, I am handing over the "baton" to you.


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