Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A corker of a posting

Dear Ellen,
I had to go find the corks that I was hoping I could find that belong to Naomi and are in permanent residence in my cabinet. (Husband hasn't looked there for possible stuff to throw away.) But while taking a picture, I was caught..."what are you doing?"... ummmm I am taking a picture of some corks (I would say I had a cork screw loose, but that would be a groaner and blogs make you do things that most people wouldn't even think of doing). I had never noticed what are on corks these days as marketers think of things to waste money embellish a stopper on a cork of wine. Ok before any wine aficionado(sp) clobber me for saying that, my level of wine drinking stops at "plebian" levels - like I really do like cheap wine. That's not to say I have had expensive wine, because if I have, I don't know about it.

After I took the picture of the corks and had it on the computer screen, my dear husband points out..."look, there's feta cheese on the lazy susan" (which was what I had the corks on) - so in case you can't read the print on the picture, now you know.

The hydrangea shawl is quite lovely -- if gives me withdrawal symptoms - since working on a baby afghan, which is truly pretty, but not the same as a shawl, I miss it. I have some nice fingering yarn that I can use to make one, but I am trying to discipline myself and not start another project. What size needles and what type yarn (fingering? worsted? sport?)?

The border for the baby blanket is coming along -it has gone around the bend so I am making a dent. I can now do the pattern without looking at the directions, so I know that I am in for the long haul.

Tomorrow is my audition day for the beginning of the season. Feels funny reauditioning, but might as well forge ahead!

Let's hope that that storm named Katrina doesn't do much other than blow a little wind and rain.

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