Saturday, August 27, 2005

Katrina, goob fairy, and knitting

Dear Ellen,
It looks as though we will not get a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina - however, I bet we still get the rain. Being the Weather Channel watcher that I am - I watch it especially when it is in Hurricane mode - it has been on most of the day, with the occasional switch to Book TV.

The goober fairy came today and left us this
What was supposed to be an afternoon of knitting turned out to be a few hours of picking these legumes that make many farmers wealthy in this community. My mom and I picked and picked until we got 'em all - which made a HUGE mess in the family room. It was too hot to do the work outside and to the delight of the cats and dogs who decided that romping around in the mess would be fun - we found their "stash" of chewed up peanuts under the ottoman when we started to clean up.
Speaking of stash, after my audition on Thursday evening, I got home and started getting the remnant ends of project yarn and making balls out of them - they had gotten bumfoozled in a storage container. By the way, Claire auditioned before me and Bethany after me. Two others auditioned prior to us, but I did not know them.
OTN: the baby afghan's edging continues on and on - it's like the song that never ends....
I am also working on a Dishcloth Knitalong - mystery until it is finished. I do have the beginnings of a felted purse also, but I am disciplining myself not to do anymore on that until I get this baby afghan done.
Tomorrow I should take a picture of my knitted projects - I am going to restart the socks as they really are too big on the size 3s and I best go to a size 2. I also have a plant in my backyard that has sprung up and I don't know what it is, but it looks suspiciously invasive and overboding. Between you and Naomi, I bet it can be identified.
Cathy, whose house has an earthy, peanutty smell.

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Cathy, send a picture of you weed!