Sunday, August 21, 2005

Button Stash

Cathy - I will think about button projects, but you have to reciprocate by thinking about possible uses for about 30 18" lengths of pressure-treated 2x2 lumber. They were left over from 2 trellises we built about a year ago, and I couldn't bear to throw them away, so they are stashed in the shed, along with random lengths of pvc pipe and scores of 1 gallon nursery pots.

My daughter's visit was lots of fun; it is gratifying to see how well she turned out, whether it is because of or despite anything we did. My son has headed back to Miami; Gary and I are driving down tomorrow with all the stuff (four guitars, two amps, a crate full of assorted cables) that won't fit in his car.

On the knitting front I have done a few inches on the sock. There should be lots of good knitting hours on the drive to Miami. I'll take the socks and the shawl, to forestall possible boredom. I have decided to try doubling the Zephyr for the pullover. The beginnings of the swatch look like it may work.

This afternoon I ran into a woman that I used to work with, and she asked if I was still knitting. She mentioned a coworker of hers who is getting together a lunchtime knitting group, and then she reminded me that several years ago I gave her a sweater that I had knitted that turned out a little to big for me to use. You know, until this afternoon I had totally forgotten about that sweater. I guess that is an example of forgetting ones "failures" even though they may not be failures after all.

I won't have computer access until we return on Tuesday, so I look forward to hearing from you then.


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