Thursday, October 06, 2005

Saturday Night Blog

What we are reading and seeing on the world of Blogdom:

Cathy wanderings:
LutheranChik's "L" Word Diary always has some interesting postings - her "Singing in the Reign" caught my attention as well as her silent retreat posting.

The Methodist Minister and Presbyterian Attorney's blog Hurricane Katrina - Mississippi Response offers a bird's eye view of those in the midst of cleaning up after the most costly hurricane/disaster in our nation's history. St. Casserole offers her perspective with tears and laughter from Lousiana (I would love to know where her blog name came from).

And, on the knitting front, At my Knit's End offers its readers a combination of knitting and politics with a good dose of wit. Her Karabella Konservative (10/02/2005 posting) sweater is quite the accomplishment and though I don't know if I would wear it to Nascar, as she mentions (hmmmmm.... me??? NASCAR?? Surely I jest), I think there are finer places to wear that piece of art.

Last but not least, a newly found blog for me is one of the most prolific posters that I have encountered - her postings are eclectic and diverse and one never knows what is going to be posted next. This week's 1600 The Nose have it is one of the more off the wall postings for the week. Norma, keep up the good work. No telling where 1600 is on her page - she will post several entries a day.

Ellen's findings:

My favorite blog is only new to me, but is worth sharing, nonetheless. Martian Anthropologist has a biting satire of the intelligent design controversy. As an aside, I could hardly bring myself to pretend to my own kids that the presents came from Santa Claus when they were little. One time, after hearing an appeal for contributions for Toys for Tots or some similar activity, one of my daughters asked why Santa Claus didn't just bring toys to the poor kids.

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