Monday, October 24, 2005

All My Socks

Dear Cathy and Naomi - How about them socks? Here they are being modeled by Alexa, Camille, and Mark. It has gotten cold enough in New York to make wool socks seem like a good idea.
My own wool socks (Sock Garden in Morning Glory) are close to being finished, and this morning they would have felt good.

Naomi, I'm glad you are back in blogland! It's a shame your recovery period was so unpleasant and unproductive. I hope you are knitting and gardening soon.

I am so tired of having my knitting supplies spread out in several rooms, and having the implements in a big plastic bin with some yarn, that I bought a three-drawer plastic storage cart this weekend and moved everything to it. The top drawer contains needles and other tools, the middle drawer is sock yarn, and the bottom drawer contains the rest of the stash. There is not much room left for yarn, so I 'll try to finish a few things before adding more. I made a good start over the weekend on a Knitty pullover. I'm using two strands of Zephyr 2/18 on #9 needles, and plan to make it a little longer than the pattern indicates. What I think will be a good thing about this pattern is that when the back is finished, the piece is about half complete.

Yesterday while I was cleaning the kitchen I was watching (sort of) that trashy made for TV movie about Martha Stewart. There was a scene where she snidely points out an error in a fellow inmate's knitting, but her comment was, "You missed a bar on your cross stitch." Does this sound like knit-speak to you? I think any screenwriter who makes a knitting reference should at least check with a real knitter to ensure that it makes sense!

Gotta flit! Take care and get strong (Naomi) and mellow (Cathy).


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