Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cozy socks

Ellen and Cathy,
Cathy your sock is pretty. One down one to go. Ellen, your socks are beautiful and this mornng a pair of them would have felt wonderful. They are very impressive. I am re-learning to knit but a long way from tackling socks. It has been 30 years since I last knitted. Two simple shawls are in progress now plus the red scarf.
Yes, Joe Ann and I had a delicious lunch at the courtyard. My favorite cream of asparagus soup was on the menu and we had the portabello mushroom and ricotta quiche with it. I doubt that either of you watched "Mary Hartman Mary Hartman" on TV in the 70s but the coach drowned in a bowl of Mary's chicken soup. Ever since then I have used the expression "I could happily drown in a bowl of 'this'" to indicate pleasure in a dish and their cream of asparagus soup is in that category. Still the best place to eat in Bainbridge.
Ellen, your organizing your stash is commendable. My stash and tools are scattered in three rooms plus the attic. Family members placed my stash in the attic last fall and I am still trying to find all of it. I have a crocheted afgan that is near completion that I would like to find and finish for the bazaar. Unfortunately the attic access ladder is off limits for me right now.
Both doctors were pleased with my progress so it more therapy and my goal is to walk independly by the end of the year.
Happy knitting.

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Cathy said...

Hooray for the good doctor's report.
Move over so I can drown in the soup with you.

Maybe when we move the bed in we can go rompin in the attic to look for the loot.