Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Ellen and Naomi,

That's right - all my SOCK - my one lonely sock that I have knitted and in need of a mate.

Finished... now it is crying for it's other half, and I know I need to get it done. I have a deep sense of accomplishment in getting it done, but will even have a deeper sense of relief when the 2nd half is completed.

See Ellen, I wonder when you are getting all these socks done. I spend much of my time getting STARTED on the sock, being careful not to ladder, not to twist the row on the first go round and remembering to K1, P1 for an inch without messing up.

Oh, and why does the sock seem to be suspended in space without its surroundings? After looking at my "ashy legs" and their need for becoming groomed, I thought that the sock should be in the limelight without any thing to detract from it.
What did I learn? Here is my list:
  • never give up attempting to complete a sock
  • pull tightly between each needle
  • watch which needle you pull and select as the "empty" needle when you finish a row.
  • watch an online video of how the heel and gusset work
  • get 2 sets of needles and pace your socks...do the leg on one, then the leg on the other..the heel on one...then the other. Never again do I want to suffer from SSS - Second Sock Syndrome

It looks as though your kids are enjoying the socks. Do they know to wash them while taking a shower?
Ellen, it got nippy before the fair this year....got to pull out the long underwear...call me a weather wimp.
I know Naomi has been busy as a bee flitting about town seeing doctors and checking out the grub again. I heard my mom and she had a good meal at the Courtyard.. YUM! Naomi will tell you what they cooked up for lunch today!

PTO meeting tonight!

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