Sunday, October 23, 2005

Naomi returns to blogdom

Cathy and Ellen,
My blogger has been out of commission for a while. I carried a large bag of yarn and needles to the hospital so I could knit as I convalesced. After all surgery on a knee should not interfere with knitting. True, but the combination of medicines I received carried me to la la land complete with hallucinations and paranaoia for several days. At some point I decided I was ready to knit and worked on the red scarf I am making. Fortunately I soon tired and retired the knitting. When I felt braver I rolled out the knitting bag and could not believe my eyes. At the last Tuesday night kint-in the scarf and I were there. When I pulled it out of the bag everyone asked "what is that?" My only reply was "I have no idea" but Cathy came to the rescue and the scarf is on target again. I think I will continue building my strength for a few more days before I resume knitting.
cheers. Naomi

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