Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Zephyr is Complete!

Dear Cathy, Naomi, and Sharon - I am so happy to report a finished project: the Zephyr top is ready to wear. It is knitted with two strands of 2/18 Zephyr on #8 needles, using this pattern. I love Knitty.com; the patterns I've tried have been reliable and imaginative, and the articles are informative. I would like to try this pattern, but I'm not ready to commit too far into the future.

Last night I made one bootie for a friend's newly-adopted baby girl. Nobody had one-bootie syndrome, though, because they are so cute you can't wait to finish both. The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Hoverson, but I have redone the cuff instructions because in three tries I have never been able to make the printed instructions work. There has to be a mistake.

Cathy, we missed you last night at Sawmill Academy, but I understand that it is a long drive for a short concert. There were at least seven absent singers (that could be a verse of the 12 days of Christmas) because of sickness, exams, or other commitments. We sang a lot of Christmas carols and songs with the girls, and only about 5 of our own pieces.

Between Christmas and New Years Gary and I are going to New York to visit Camille and Alexa. On the last night we are staying near Alexa on Long Island at an inn that she says is a stone's throw from a knitting shop. The other highlight of the trip will be attending the Moscow Cats Theatre. We'll probably add a museum or two.

Gotta get started on my Christmas cards.


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