Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yo, Sharon!

Cathy, Naomi, Sharon -
Have you ever noticed how often you get "welcomed aboard" when you start a new job, even if it is hundreds of miles from any body of water? I guess it is just another of those nautical terms that came ashore and joined common parlance. One of the most entertaining features of the Jack Aubrey books (by Patrick O'Brien) is how they reveal the nautical roots of so many common expressions. Anyway, welcome aboard our little blogship, Sharon. She's a good one, by and large (which is another nautical term.)

Last night I saw progress on a projects that had become a source of guilt and self-loathing. The Zephyr pullover is complete, except for working in the loose ends and final blocking. It is so soft and light that I may not get to wear it until next spring, and if one of the cats decides to give me a clawful hug while I'm wearing it I doubt it will survive.

Cathy, the colorful baby blanket is beautiful. It is very tropical, too. Is the nursery done up in parrots and vines?

I am getting my Christmas present today: a new dishwasher should be installed when I get home! The old one has not gotten the dishes very clean for years and I'm excited about the prospect of washing dishes only once. I'll give you a customer review after I've used it for a few weeks.

Speaking of reviews, I've seen two movies since I last posted. Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang is a funny, smart parody of the hard-boiled detective movie. It has its moments of violence, but the whole movie is so entertaining that I was not offended. Robert Downey, jr. is wonderful, and the rest of the cast is on the same level. Walk the Line has great acting and music, but I thought it was painfully long. The "redemptive power of music and a good woman" theme is getting tiresome, even if it is true in this case. The movie is worth seeing for Reese Witherspoon and the music, but I don't think it's the best movie of the season.

I'm very hopeful about making it to the concert on Thursday, but it depends on the Florida Legislature. If the special session has not adjourned I'll have to be at work in case I'm needed for some property tax issue. Hope that doesn't happem, and that I'll see you all tomorrow night.


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