Sunday, December 04, 2005

Welcome Sharon

Sharon and I met throught he Artists Guild almost 20 years ago and she is multitalented and involved in many things.
Last night I listened to the three Scottish tenors while I tried to finish the 2nd scarf for Christmas giving. I did not quite finish as during the more spirited musical numbers I found myself using the knitting needle as a baton keeping the beat. I may not be able to sing but I can keep time. I finished it today while watching Baryshnikov and Gelsey in the Nutcracker on PBS and am almost half way with the third one. I have to shop for beads to finish them and then I will post pictures.
The baby blanket is on hold right now. The mother-to-be is having problems and I suppose I am afraid to go on at this time.
The grey shawl is progressing slowly but once I finish the Christmas presents I will finish it.

I am excited that Voces Angelorum will be singing in my backyard Thursday night. The church has an elevator I believe, must figure out how to get to it as the steps are out of the question right now.

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