Friday, December 16, 2005

Broken promise

Ellen, Cathy and Sharon,
I promised myself I would not blog until I had time to take a picture of the completed scarfs but I can't wait. I have to rave about Ellen's sweater and Amaryllis. They are both beautiful. I have seen Cathy's Dancing Grannies hat and her other hat plus her socks and now that she is free of school for a couple of weeks I am sure she will be taking pictures. I finished the last of the scarfs last night and I have to shoot them this weekend as I will ship most of the scarfs Monday via UPS. And I am continuing to work on the grey variegated shawl.
In a moment of temporary insanity I agreed to be treasurer of the ECW for the president who is a friend. I declined previously. And of course this week I had to prepare a financial statement and create a proposed 2006 budget from the figures we arrived at in executive session. It goes before the general membership tomorrow. Some of the old biddies can argue for hours on spending 10 cents. Makes it hard sometimes to maintain ones religion.
Finished my Christmas shopping today except for one item. I went to Walmart to get that one and they had no electric carts available so I have to try again. Sue, from Tallahassee, is coming up tomorrow for lunch at Old Mexico and I am looking forward to the visit with her. We first met in 1964. Cheers. Naomi

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Norma said...

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging in 2006.

Looking forward to seeing a year of wonderful projects.