Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Got Gauge? Lesson Learned

Your zephyr sweater is lovely - I admire your ability to remain on one project at a time. I would bet in the blog world you are a minority. So, all 3 of the people that might read this blog outside of us folks that officially blog - do you work on more than one project at a time or stick to just one?
Now Naomi and Sharon, did you notice....
When Ellen travels, she is never far from a yarn shop. She's a yarn magnet -- that or she either strategically plans her travels around the nearest yarn shop.

Of course, unlike Ellen, I am much less disciplined and have many projects going on - one is being kept under wraps until further notice. However, a baby blanket it coming along nicely, along with a quick diversion of this:

Dancing Grannies is the name of this pattern and it was quite fun. However, there is a little problem. No Granny will be able to wear this hat unless the Granny is about 4 years old. Wouldn't one think if you knitted a Dancing Granny hat, that it would be for an adult?
Well, one must follow the directions better and FOLLOW THE GAUGE... let's do the math...

12 or 13 sts per 4 inches
cast on 72 stitches
So....the circumference should be about.... 24 inches around... correct?

Well.... if I had done my homework, I would KNOW I had 14 stitches per 4 inches so that would give me a circumference around the hat of about 20 inches which is WHY it won't fit on my head.

ANOTHER FACTOR: It called for bulky yarn... I used worsted, BUT I DID double the yarn, so that should have done it. NOPE, it's all in the gauge.
Next time... use larger needle... check gauge... check gauge... check gauge....

Interested in pattern?? Check here - did a Google search going back to pattern to link to this blog - typed in dancing granny knit - and whoa... 1st link was an EYE OPENER -

Knit group tonight was small but good - there were 4 of us and I got some good tips from Martha on socks. All I can say is that the Socks that Rock yarn is living up to its reputation! WOW!

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