Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rainy Days

Ellen and Cathy,
After the summer's drought the rain is most welcome. The plants are also appreciative and in this area agriculture is a big business so the farmers are grateful.

Ellen, your pictures from your Washington trip were great. What an impressive sight the Arum must be. Thanks for sharing with us.

I finished one scarf fo the bazaar and it actually sold. Last night I finished a second scarf for a grandson's girlfriend of six years. I used Bernat's Boa (fou-fou) yarn and 17 needles. One down, four to go as the granddaughters and Tommys' girlfriend of two years are also receiving a scarf knitted by Nonnie. Pictures will be forthcoming. The blanket for the great grandbaby is on hold right now as there are possible complications and I need to regroup before I can start back on that one. Yes I am one of those scatter brained individuals who has several projects underway at the same time.

Cathy, the shawl you are knitting for Kit's grand is looking great. The bright colors are delightful.

No therapy or appointments today so I have scheduled myself for housework. As usual I am procrastinating.
Cheers, Naomi

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