Monday, November 07, 2005

Busy Pointy Ladies

Dear Cathy and Naomi - I am reminded of a line from an Eagles song:
"Did she get tired or did she just get lazy?"
Are we all too busy to post? Things have gotten busier for me at work, and somehow the evenings just seem to fly by. Part of my activity has arisen from my son's decision to look into transferring to a different school. It is deja vu all over again; poring over the college guides; looking at websites, and trying to schedule visits. I thought I was out of this game, but if he needs assistance, I'm the Mom.
My knitting projects are coming along slowly. Cathy, I'm so glad you suggested the knitting group meeting at Borders last week. I never would have known that someone in this little city was knitting yarn that she spun from wool that came from goats she raised herself! (I feel so inadequate.) The wristies are complete, and the scarf they go with is in the assembly phase. The Zephyr pullover is at least half done. If I can keep my cat's claws out of it I may be able to wear it in Washington the weekend before Thanksgiving.
The Master Gardener class is winding down. I will miss going to it every Thursday morning. It has become the high point of the week. I hope that the monthly work days and other activities will allow me to keep up with some of the people I have met. Last week's class was about flowers, which are really best in the fall here, or maybe it's just that in the fall you want to be outside looking at them. This weekend I did some more thinning and cleaning out, and a lot of making plans for future improvements. My neighbors must wonder what I'm doing when they see me just standing in the yard staring intently at something only I can see.
Hooray for Friday's holiday! I will take pictures of all the projects and try to catch up on some nagging responsibilities.

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