Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Best Laid Plans

Cathy and Ellen,
Yes I have been remiss. Cathy asked me to post my November Gardening Chores to the blog. When I cut and paste from Word it acquires some extra symbols, etc. Cathy kindly converted it to a text file and emailed it to me but for some reason, my computer refuses to cooperate so.......
Yes, Ellen being mom does take precedence over most things. And I understand the void that is left when the MG classes are over. We have a monthly meeting in Thomasville at lunchtime when we brownbag, have a 30 minute program-usually good-and then a brief business meeting. I have attended several of the statewide meetings and really enjoy those and look forward to being able to attend in the future. My yard is pitiful right now but I can see how it will look next spring.
My knitting is moving slowly. The blanket for baby grand is finally beginning to look like it might be ready by the time of his arrival in late Feb. or early Mar. The scarf which I tried to work on in the hospital is moving along nicely and plan to give it to ECW bazaar. If it doesn't sell someone will have it for Christmas. The other scarf that I cast on a few extra stitches is moving slowly. It is not wide enough for a blanket but it will be a nice wide scarf.
Cheers. Naomi

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