Friday, November 25, 2005


Ellen and Naomi,

This week has gone so quickly, but I am delighted that finally, today, Friday, I was able to knit and complete the following:

The two socks are definitely different and I believe that Ellen pointed that this was a possibility that this could happen.... do you see it??

Now... Ellen went on a little jaunt and lo and behold the yarn magnet seemed to attract this and I am now the proud owner of this:
Ellen surprised me with this Tuesday evening - Koigu 100% merino. It's exciting because this is my first solid sock yarn so am on my way to finding the perfect sock pattern that has a pattern to it that will show off this nice blue color. Think I have a nice pattern by Jean Townsend that I will try. I am a member of an email list where she shares her patterns. Can't wait to get started, however, I have a couple of projects that are screaming at me to work on NOW. Babies that are due in the near future seem to come when they are ready, and I don't want these babies to arrive before their blanket(s) are created. However, I DO know I can carry a sock around, where blankets are a little more challenging in the portability department. Thanks Ellen for the yarn - I feel like the man who is squeezing the Charmin when I feel the skein.

By the way, we have been officially been linked by another blogger - Collecting my Thoughts - and.... drum roll please.... we are linked by Norma because we are a relative rarity - we are the over 50 bloggers that are few and far between. WEll....prematurely 50 since I have another 6 weeks before I hit that milestone. However, it is nice to be recognized to be a minority in a frontier of technology that has hit the Internet by storm. So, not everyone may read our blog, however, we are a COOL minority.

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