Friday, November 18, 2005

Whoooosh - Where did the week go?

Naomi and Ellen
I DO know this week has been busy for us all. I know that I am glad that at least the weekend work will not be involved.
I took a picture last night from the balcony of St. John's. The sock came along, but it didn't get in the picture. It was shy and remained hidden. It came out today for an extreme knitting moment, but didn't want to venture out last night.

The organ is no longer in the front of the church, but is in the balcony. Ellen and I sang with our group, though, oddly enough, we exchanged very few words between each other. Rehearsals are strictly that and chit chat is kept to a minimum, as should be. I skeedaddled out of there as soon as I was released. Ellen stayed later for extra rehearsal with her ensemble.
Church bazaar is tomorrow so will be busy. And, to top off the evening, we will celebrate Rachael's 8th birthday.


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