Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday Night Blog

Naomi and Ellen,

It's been a whirlwind preparing for the bazaar as well as keeping up with the daily vicissitudes of life. However, I have found a couple of sites worth noting for tonight's blog sightings.

Want to knit a Christmas tree on your head? Go ahead and order the pattern here at Chappysmom. Every one needs a tree on their head.

One can create their own Google map and have it focus on any topic that one may want. There is even a blog to guide you to the many different personalized maps that are out there. Go check it out here at Google Maps Mania.

Norma has found an interesting link to Rare Birds. It, too, has a Google Map. Naomi, that Rufus (sp) hummingbird could get a posting there!

Lutheran Chik is very excited that on Christmas, the Lutheran Church will be sponsoring "Joy to the World" - it will feature music and worship from a multicultural assortment of Lutheran churches around the country.

And, to round it up, St. Casserole interviews her kitten, Fish. Notice Fish's favorite book....

That wraps it up for the Saturday night perusings of Bloggerdom.

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