Sunday, October 01, 2006

Knit and purl

This sometime knitter has been off the blog for a while and off knitting. The thumb has recovered and I am ready to start again. Will keep a couple of projects going with different sized needles and see if that helps.The church bazaar is less than 2 months away so I will tackle some projects for that. Time to visit the stash which has to share a closet with lots of other things.

Ellen, the kimono sweater is beautiful-it is prettier than the one in Mason-Dixon. The Da Capo jacket just leaves me speechless. Anxious to see the finished product modeled. Ellen's awesome armoir brings a little green tinge of envy.

Cathy and Sharon, what are you two knitting?

As to gardening, the cooler mornngs bring out the gardening spirit. Stores are selling pansies very cheap but know it is too early to plant them here. Will have to wait for the ground to cool down. Weeds are still ahead of me but I am slowly gaining ground, I think.
Cheers all. Naomi

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