Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Doin' the Charleston

Attention Knitters: Welcome to Knits of
Charleston. This is an incredible store in the old city center, situated in 3 long, narrow rooms and just full of yarn and books and patterns and kits! You wouldn't believe the kits, prepacked yarn and patterns of lots of those patterns you've coveted online. The pictures show a Crayon Box Jacket that is made up of miter squares knitted together. It includes directions for a wide size range, and could be a stash buster, but of course it is really a reason to buy single skeins of the most outrageous yarns. I bought the pattern and plan to make it with Sonata (Elann cabled cotton DK, bought last spring for another project ) as the base yarn, but I bought a bag full of other yarns to incorporate.

I arrived in Charleston on Saturday and waited until Wednesday to visit Knits. It was hard, but I didn't want to inflict my habit on Mom and DH. By Wednesday afternoon she was in Myrtle Beach visiting her brother and he was at work, so I could go with a clear conscience. On Thursday I made another visit and met the owner's 3 sweet dogs. They all look alike, and for a while I thought there was one very quick and stealthy dog! One of the dogs is asleep on the sofa in the picture.

On Friday Gary and I drove to Myrtle Beach to pick up Mom, and we stopped in Georgetown on the way and just by pure chance we parked in front of (gasp) a yarn shop! The name is something like Joyfull; I only had a brief visit and it looked like it had good stuff, but I didn't want to impose on cara sposo. We visited the Rice Museum instead!

On the trip I made good progress on Da Capo. With discipline it will be finished for New York. I'm not taking any more pictures of it until it is ready to block, and then I'll do pre- and post-blocking shots.

In conclusion, I recommend a knitting road trip to Charleston, with breaks for meals and sightseeing.

Cathy, the Lizard is lovely. I like the 3 dimensional quality, but I guess that won't survive the blocking. Are you making a full-size bedcover? BTW, I would like some more house pics when you get a chance.

Tomorrow is the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden Open House at the Leon County Extension Office. I'll be there demonstrating plant propagation and giving away free plants. Gotta flit now to get organized.


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