Friday, September 29, 2006

Gratification: Quick and Slow

Knitting Friends - Work issues have been grabbing at my skirt and demanding attention this week, so I am just now getting a chance to share my progress from last weekend. The Mason Dixon kimono was a shower present for a friend from Voces Angelorum who was also a classmate of daughter Alexa in high school. I used 1 skein of Cotton Fleece on #6 needles (with only a few yards to spare) and made the body 5" instead of 4". It looks more like size 6-9 months instead of newborn. This took 2 evenings to make (plus finding buttons) and got a great reception at the shower.

Da Capo, Hanne Falkenberg's exercise in geometry, is 2/3 complete and still makes me smile when I look at it. The solid square section that makes up the front took longer than I anticipated--for some reason stripes seem to work up faster than the same area in a solid color--but since it is worked directly onto the sleeve and back there will be very little assembly at the end of the project. Sleeve 2 is progressing nicely, and all that remains after it is done is the neckband, which is also knit onto the fronts and neck opening. I think it will be complete in time for New York.

Next week I will be in Charleston SC visiting DH who is there on sabbatical. I want to visit Ft. Sumter, the aquarium, Drayton Hall, and the LYS a few blocks from where I'll be staying. I understand it carries Alchemy yarn. DH says he has found lots of places to eat--everything from shrimp and grits to Carolina-style barbeque (yum!) I have another pair of Step socks for him, but they are just like the last pair and don't warrant a picture.

You should check out the shawl on Brainy Lady's blog. I love the size (not too big) and pattern (not too fussy but certainly not plain). I've been thinking about making a shawl in on of the Fleece Artist yarns, but I'm still looking for the right pattern.

Gotta put the final touches on a report before I leave town, so keep those cards and letters coming.


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