Monday, October 09, 2006

Lizard Ridge

Dear Pointy Friends,
I tried to escape the temptation. I really did. However, I kept navigating back to Knitty and thinking how beautiful this is and how I wanted it. As you well know, southern friends, how often do we need something made of wool - and Noro Kureyon is scratchy wool, but it's beauty has me mesmerized and so I took the plunge and got some of the Noro Kureyon from Taos Sunflower, as they had an excellent price on the yarn.
I started this post yesterday and am finishing it this evening before school begins. I have completed two squares of this pattern, but I believe it needs to be out in sunlight to get the truest colors and beauty. IN addition the squares resemble the cardboard in those boxes that hold apples - the cushioners of the apple. They DEFINITELY need to be blocked. It's such an interesting pattern and they way the colors are defined is by the unique way of using the yarn within the skein. ONe begins knitting with the outside end of the skein and after 6 rows knitted, you begin using the inside end of the skein. Hence the variation in the color. First 2 blocks completed are Noro Kureyon 165 and 154. Also there is a knitalong blog at Lizard Ridge Knitalong - you will see where I had an interesting dilemma question posted there. Got it solved!
By now Ellen should be through with her travels. Naomi, in between gardening and your other obligations, get a knit and a purl in with the pointy sticks!

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