Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Ellen, your current knitting projects are awesome. The scarf is beautiful! Sweaters and socks, too. The triangle that is a sweater in the making is interesting. Actually it sounds tempting to try. My socks are going slowly, but with any luck I will have a pair or two by the time the weather is cool enough for socks. Actually I saw a sock patten for heelless and toeless socks that may be more my speed. Cathy introduced me to baby bibs and I have one underway but had to take a hiatus from all knitting because my right thumb went out on strike. I diagnosed my own problem. A combination of the computer mouse and using the cane so I have switched to the left hand with the cane and the hand is better so I hope to be back knitting soon.

Not sure Cathy has accomplished much knitting recently between moving and getting ready for school to begin.
Sharon, where are you?

The heat and drought combined to wreak havoc in the yard, even the weeds wilted. the heat is still very much with us but recent rains have 'greened' things up. I am enjoying planning all the things I want to do this fall when the weather is cooler. Redesigning the flower beds is a top priority.

Ellen, keep sharing all your great projects with us.
Cheers. Naomi

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