Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stash Heaven, or Armoire Amour

Dear Sisters in Sticks,
My DH thinks I'm nuts, but setting up my knitting armoire has been the second-biggest thrill of the summer (after Norway, of course!) All of the drawers are full of yarn, sorted by fiber and style, but the yarns in ziploc bags on the shelf are those of which I have substantial amounts, enough for at least a short-sleeved pullover. The binders contain patterns, sorted by type, and the patterns downloaded from the web are in plastic page protectors. Woohoo!

Looking at the pictures reminds me of how much yarn I have (good), but I can also see that there is plenty of room for more (not so good.) I think I'll hold off buying more at least until Da Capo is fine.

Cathy, I agree that working on a longer circular needle is better than having all the stitches jammed together trying to escape. Have you taken care of the errant holes in the shawl?

Last night I had a knitting epiphany. While trying to figure out why some of the wraps were twisted on a short-row heel sock, I realized that I have been making backward yarnovers. On most things it doesn't seem to be a problem (as long as they are consistent) but on sock heels it makes a difference. Of course all the yarnovers on Da Capo are backward and I will just keep on making them backward on that little project.

Since last time I have joined two knit-alongs--Mason-Dixon and Hanne Falkenberg. It does create a community to know about (and communicate with) other knitters who are working on the same projects. The really amazing thing is that about 90 percent of the Hanna Falkenbergers are knitting Mermaid. I tried on a Mermaid before I bought Da Capo and I thought it made my butt look fat!

Well it turns out that I'm not driving to Charleston this weekend after all (DH decided to put off his move until Monday) so I see visions of yardwork and knitting time. Next week I am flying to San Diego for a meeting; that looks like lots of knitting time and maybe a yarn shop visit.

Gotta flit. Keep those cards and emails coming.



Audrey said...

I am jealous. Give me some of that yarn... and the sheet protectors, that is just pulling out all the stops...

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool armoire mom, but if you ever refer to me as "DD" I will have to disown you =)
-- Mellie

Cathy said...

Testing this to see if this goes to all of the bloggers of this blog.

Cathy said...

Testing again!

Alexa said...

Good job, mother. It's so nice to have everything so organized! There's even a place for Little Kittle.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this armoire of knitting heaven! I am so jealous! I so need to take up knitting again:) I especially like the kitty on the shelf...he brings a certain exotic look to it:) Nicole!