Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Scarf in August

Behold the scarf, in all its pointy splendor! I reworked the unsatisfactory points on the darker blue end by working the beginning edge in that color(except for the final WS row), ripping back the end of the scarf to the first row of the main pattern, and grafting on the new edge, with the kitchener stitches taking the place of the WS row of edging. The grafting won't bear too close inspection because of some tension issues but on the whole I am pleased with the outcome. Now I'm waiting for the weather to warrant a wool and silk scarf!

The other picture is the beginning of the Hanne Falkenberg sweater. It is a triangle (duh!) beginning at the center of the lower back and it will become the back and lower part of the fronts. There are 2 other pieces that make up the sleeves, upper fronts and lapels. The whole sweater is worked in garter stitch (with some cunning shaping, though) and the yarn has a definite mind of its own. It is just barely sport weight (I'm working on 2.5 needles) but it has so much body!

I picked up an entertaining book at the Leon Co. Public Library the other day, No Idle Hands, The Social History of Knitting in America, by Anne L. Macdonald. It has lots of pictures and anecdotes about the role of knitting in various eras, but one common thread is the idea of knitting for thrift. That seems to be turned on its head in this time of readily-available machine-made knits. It may be less expensive to make one's own handknits compared to buying handknits (but even that is not always the case) but no one can say that knit to clothe themselves or their loved ones more cheaply.

Now that the scarf is complete and the sweater is under way I find myself thinking about beads. Have you tried knitting with beads? I would love to hear about bead-knitting experiences before I dip my toe in that particular pool.

Gotta flit. Write me!


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